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Peak Aid Japan

Ken Noguchi San Peak Aid Japan

Ken Noguchi San, the Chairman of Peak Aid Japan is a Japanese mountaineer and environmental activist. He summited Mount Everest in 1999 A.D. and at the age of 25 he became the youngest person to have scaled the highest peaks on all seven continents.

He has organized several cleaning expeditions to Mt Everest from the Nepal side and also from Tibet side. He has also led the cleaning Expedition to Mount  Manasulu and the surrounding Manasulu regions. Dedicating his youth in mountain climbing for many years, Ken Noguchi felt that he could fulfill his wish of cleaning the mountain while climbing the summit of Mt Everest and cleaning the mountain trails with the help of troops of sherpas.

Ken Noguchi San planned  to start the Sherpa Fund because of his love towards the mountains and people of the mountains.He came up with the idea of Sherpa fund in 1995 where many sherpa lost their life in an avalanche on Everest. From 2002 AD, Ken started to support the education of the children of the deceased mountaineers and 30 children have received the support of Ken Noguchi’s Foundation, Peak Aid Japan among which 17 students have already completed their college degree. In 2008 AD, he also set up the Manaslu Fund and built the school hostel dormitory building with Kitchen, Dining , Toilet and Shower facility at Sama Guan.

Ken Noguchi’s Foundation, Peak Aid Japan, has also distributed more than 2000 school bags to different schools in remote areas and helped to build a community building at Thame village as requested by the local people of Thame Village.

In April 2015 Mr. Ken Noguchi San experienced the earthquake when he was on a trek to Everest. He was very devastated after he saw most of the houses were destroyed by the earthquake. He Immediately established the Himalaya Earthquake Relief Fund and provided dining tents as most of the houses were destroyed and people had to stay in a tent. Peak Aid Japan also provided support to the people of Khumjung and Khunde to rebuild houses that was destroyed by the massive earthquake.

Ken Noguchi’s Foundation, Peak Aid Japan has also supported the reforestation project at Sama Gau, masalu region and till date more than 50,000 seedings have been produced among which 30,000 seedlings have already been planted in the plantation site.

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