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Mountain Rescue Training Foundation Nepal
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Environment Conservation Program

Ken Noguchi, the founder and chairman of Peak Aid Japan, witnessed the nursery project in Sagarmatha National Park, which was supported by the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation, and was quite impressed. Ken was inclined to assist MRTFN's environmental conservation effort.

Education for the children of deceased mountaineers

Because immediate assistance to the families of departed mountaineers was critical, MRTF launched an initiative to fund the education of the deceased mountaineers' children with the help of Ken Noguchi's Foundation (Peak Aid Japan).

Lodge Management Trainings

While men go trekking or mountaineering, Sherpa women maintain hotels and lodges along the mountain trail. MRTFN intends to train them better skills to run hotels and lodges more efficiently and become financially self-sufficient.
About Us

Mountaineering Rescue Training Foundation of Nepal

“Supporting the family of the mountaineers who have lost their life or been physically dysfunction”

Mountaineering Rescue Training Foundation of Nepal (MRTFN) is a non-profit, non-government organization established in 2054  B.S (1997 A.D) with an aim uplifting the livelihood of people of the mountain region and to support the family of the mountaineers who have lost their life or who have been physically dysfunction during mountain expedition.


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What We Do

What We Do to help the community

Mountain Rescue Training

Because the mountains are a dangerous place to be, trained personnel are required to guide or rescue those in trouble. Our focus is to provide better mountaineering rescue training to professionals.


The Himalayan region's reforestation has a favorable impact both locally and worldwide. That is why we are working to reforest the barren alpine area and restore natural balance.


Education has the potential to transform a community. By constructing schools, toilets, and distributing educational materials, we hope to aid youngsters in receiving a better education.

Women Empowerment

Empowering mountain women who manage hotels and lodges around Himalayan trails. Lodge Management Training  can assist them in providing better hospitality while raising their living standards.

Join our volunteer programs

We want to help mountains and communities around the Himalayas, but we need your help. We need volunteers for current and future projects.

Participate in one of our volunteer programs to assist the mountain community.

Our Stories

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Sama Gaun School’s Hostel Construction

During the reforestation project at Sama Gaun, the local people approached us that the students in Sama gaun has been facing problem since they have to walk a long distance to reach the school due to which the students were not regular to school.During the monsoon and winter season it wa very difficult for the students to come to school

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Natural Disaster Relief Activities

During the earthquake of 2015 A.D. more than 80% of houses were destroyed in the Everest region. MRTFN was helping the people of Khumbu by providing temporary shelter and relief kits. MRTFN was looking for donors who could help the people of Everest regions whose houses were severely affected by the earthquake.

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Current Projects

What We Do

MRTFN’s present efforts to aid mountain and communities around the Himalayas.
Help us to help them.

Child Education

Educational Support To Children Of Deceased Mountaineers

There are many families who have lost their family members during the mountain expedition. We aim to

Child Education

Educational Support To Children Of Deceased Mountaineers

There are many families who have lost their family members during the mountain expedition. We aim to

Skill Development

Mountaineering Rescue Training

With the importance of professionally trained guides, climbers and and rescue team, MRTFN planned to

Skill Development Women

Lodge Management Training

Professional lodge management training, we feel, will help to improve and increase the quality of h

Community Environment

Environment Conservation Programs (Reforestation)

Planting trees is a social and moral obligation to protect the environment. We aim to plant trees in


In Their Own Words

I would like to thank the MRTFN and Peak Aid Japan for providing me scholarship, so that I got the opportunity to get better education in Kathmandu. To get an education in Kathmandu was impossible for me without your support. You have changed our life. I would also like to request MRTFN and Peak Aid Japan to continue your good deeds and keep supporting the needy one like us. 

Ang Tharke Sherpa, Support Junior Staff, Kumari Bank, Namche Bazar

I would like to thank you for being so generous and sponsoring my education. You have been a source of constant support and inspiration for me.

Now after completing my+2 education I have come back to my hometown. To study further more my single mother can't afford my education fees so I decided to work for some years. Currently I am working at 'Home Away From Home Namche' it's a private hostel where I have to teach the primary level children’s. I have to take care of them. I am happy working here. I am grateful and humbled today to realize the amount of time, dedication and money you have sent on me. It truly means so much to me.


Ang Daki Sherpa, Primary Teacher at Home Away From Home Namche

I would like to thank Mr. Ken sang for providing me with the opportunity. Also, would like to thank Mr. Passng Dawa Sherpa for taking care of me and the entire team while in school and college. The support and the motivation you gave is greatly appreciated. Every time I achieve something, deep in my heart, I know this wouldn’t be possible without PEAK Aid. Today I am here because of PEAK Aid. It not only benefited me but also benefited my parents. It made a difference in our lives. 

Theley Sherpa, Work for local bank in Colorado, USA

I would like to thank Ken Noguchi of Peak Aid Japan and MRTFN from the bottom of my heart for providing me the scholarship. Because of you today I am able to stand myself and look after my family. If you were not there may life would have not be easy as today. I am very grateful. Hope MRTFN will continue supporting children like me in future too. Once again I would like to thank MRTFN, Ken Noguchi and Auu Pasang Dawa for your help

Rita Futi Sherpa, Teacher at Himalaya Basic School, Namche

Delivering help and hope to children through sponsorship.

Education sponsorship provides support better education and hopes of a better future to the children of deceased mountaineers.


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